Creation Story

Rain at Six Weeks

“There’s another one!” I shouted into the phone at my mother. She had just left to visit the pet store for bottles and formula.

Moments prior, we had returned from a 6am visit to the closest emergency vet. Skye had gone into labor the previous afternoon but had only delivered one puppy. We stayed up all night with her. After a shot of oxytocin and some help clearing the channel, Skye shot out four more puppies in quick succession and we returned home.

But now there was another…!

This surprise puppy was also born quickly, though late. I was the only person around and was concerned it wasn’t alive. Using my crack veterinary knowledge from being a viewer of Animal Planet’s Emergency Vets, I picked up the little thing with a hand towel and rubbed it to stimulate breathing and warmth.

And that’s how Rain was born.

In the time since May 8, 2010, I have gone to graduate school in Canada, come back, and started a new job. Earlier this year I said goodbye to Rain’s Uncle Atticus, and now I’m ready to take Rain on as my project dog.

This blog will be a record of our work together. The wheels are already in motion.


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