Rain’s First Reactive Rover Class


Rain attended her very first session of Reactive Rover last night. I’ve been working with her the last couple of weeks on some basic attention exercises, and last night’s exercises were the very same things we did in our one-on-one a couple of weeks ago.

Since we had had lots of practice, Rain did all the exercises very well. She got a little barky when we left our sheltered area to walk into the big room at the beginning of the class, but we worked through it just fine.

One of the teachers remarked at how intensely she was focusing on me when we were waiting for our turn, and then we came outside of our shelter to do an exercise with another dog at the end of the large space. We did great!

The other teacher commented about what a smart cookie she was in front of everyone. (Of course she’s smart…she’s an Aussie!) We paused to revel in the moment before going back to sit behind our shelter.

Once everyone’s attention was on Rain in the front of the room, admiring what a smart cookie she was and how well she had done…she pooped. Right in front of everyone.

Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. -Confucius 


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