Rain on My Parade

Rain and Skye at Multnomah Days Parade

Rain and her mom Skye got to be in the Multnomah Days parade in mid-August.

In the above photo, they’re waiting several feet away from the staging area, where all sorts of businesses, non-profits, elected officials, and other community members were gathering. Dogs get to lead the parade.

The only problem? Barking.

Skye barked as I took this photo, but it was mostly Rain who was the problem barker that day. We were getting plenty of sideeye from the whippet rescue group next to us long before the parade even began.

Once we were on the move though, Rain and Skye both kicked into action. They pranced down the middle of Multnomah Village, showing off their beautiful Aussie gait and glancing at the hoardes of admirers sitting on the side of the street. We heard people tell others, “oh, look! Australian shepherds!” or comment about their beauty. Skye tried to pause and eat some of the candy that had been thrown on the street, but that’s how it goes with her.

Rain still barked but not as frequently, not as frenetically, and it felt more appropriate to the situation. Who doesn’t want to see a happy, barking dog in a dog parade?

Walking those three blocks with a pair of happy, prancing Aussies was probably the best part of that day.

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