Fall is squirrel olympics season around these parts.

Last weekend when I took Rain to visit North Clackamas Park, her biggest challenge came not from other dogs, but the dozen or so squirrels scampering around in the oak grove we need to pass through to get to the dog park.

It went a little something like this:
“Yes!” (treat)
“Yes! (treat)
“SQUIRREL! That one’s RIGHT THERE! ARF! ARF! ARF!” (pulling leash)
“Nooooooooo! Rain!”

That one squirrel was about four feet up a tree trunk, taunting her with his twitchy tail and waiting to see what she would do. Eventually it ran further up the tree, but the damage was done. She was pretty squirrelly herself until we were out of that oak grove.

Rain actually behaves a lot like the dog in that Up gif (above) when she spots something interesting. Something that might make her bark if I don’t redirect her attention. I actually have to be able to gauge this from behind her head, since she’s usually a step or two ahead of me. Good thing she’s got those satellite ears that perk right up when she picks up a signal.

In the case of the squirrels, I wasn’t necessarily doing anything wrong. Squirrels (and birds) have always been of great interest to Rain, and there were a LOT of them there, meaning she didn’t have time to calm down again after she had spotted one.

That having been said, even though she went over threshold I’m certain she still did better than she would have a couple of months ago. Progress!

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