Rain likes to play with her balls.

At the dog park this weekend, another dog stole her ball for less than a minute. When we were leaving I noticed the ball had a crack in it, but on Monday morning it was apparent that we’d be needing a new ball ASAP.

Our family prefers to use racquetballs to play with our dogs. Racquetballs are slightly smaller than tennis balls, a little more suited to the mouth of a medium-sized dog. The lack of fabric on the outside means an easier time cleaning the thing off. They’re still hollow so they won’t threaten to seriously injure the dog when caught, like some of the heavier solid rubber balls might.

The trouble with racquetballs? You have to know where to get them!

There’s a big box sporting goods store down the street from my workplace, about a 20 minute walk each way. I hoofed it down there Monday afternoon. After considering the rainbow of options available, I settled on a three-pack of plain blue racquetballs, paid, and headed back to work.

Rain and I initiated the first new ball as soon as I got home last night. It’s a little tricky for her to find in the grass since it doesn’t have a familiar scent yet, but at least we’re back to playing ball.

Gotta keep that spunky puppy worn out.

Rain Playing Keep Away


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