This weekend I’m brattysitting. This means that I will be in charge of both Rain and Skye for something like 48 continuous hours.

Don’t let the sweet faces fool you…they’re pains!

And worse when they’re together. They both want to be the center of attention. They both want to fetch the ball. They both want to be directly under the cutting board just in case a tidbit of lettuce is pushed over the edge. They both want to follow me around the house—no matter if I’m actually going somewhere or if I’m just crossing back and forth between the oven and sink in my small kitchen.

They’re not aggressive, just pushy. It’s one of those competitive mother-daughter relationships. Which is why both Rain and Skye are more mellow when the other isn’t around.

I’m particularly anxious about the sleeping situation. At home, Skye gets to sleep on the bed and Rain sleeps in her crate. Rain has had enough sleepovers with me that she doesn’t disturb me too much and may not be pleased if she is sent to the crate. I just don’t want them pushing each other around at night, walking on me for attention and keeping me awake.

Can I come sleep at your house?

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