Dr. Jeckyl and Ms. Rain


Remember how I said that when Rain and Skye are together, they’re both pains? These days Rain acts like a different dog when she’s around her mom, and here’s an example.

When Rain comes to hang out by herself, she’s great. The work I’ve been doing with her the last month or so has shown: she rarely gets a time out for barking in the house anymore, and she makes me proud nearly every time we go on our morning walk.

Saturday evening Rain and Skye had joined me on my bed. It was around 9:30pm, we would be going to bed fairly soon since I was still getting over a cold. Both dogs were enjoying the soft bed while I enjoyed some Netflix.

Rain got off the bed and went into the kitchen, where I heard her lapping water from the water bowl. That’s fine, I thought. Nothing to be alarmed about. I heard something else, but since there was no food accessible on the counter and the noise was brief, I ignored it.

Rain came in and hopped back up on the bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed she had brought something with her.

She frequently will bring a toy or chew stick to chew while she’s relaxing on the bed, but this was a postcard my friend had sent me. It was apparently close enough to the edge of the kitchen counter that little Rain was able to put her paws up on the counter and grab it in her teeth.

She casually put the postcard between her legs, and only when she knew I saw her, she proceeded to start ripping the corner in her mouth. Watching me for a reaction the whole time.

Rain wanted attention, and she knew how to get it. Classic Rain!

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