Winter Cometh


After much delay, the Portland rain arrived this week for the winter.

It has made some of our regular activities a little more difficult. This week our morning walk in the park has been pitch black due to cloud cover, instead of gradually becoming kind of light, almost, as we return home. Yesterday morning’s rain made us very wet.

This evening I arrived home a bit late. It was completely dark out, rainy, and my backyard was muddy. What to do about this very energetic dog looking at me with wild eyes?

What else would we do? We played ball inside the house.

After a few minutes, I remembered playing wintertime ball in the house with Rain’s Uncle Atticus. Scrambling around a slick floor. The ball coming within inches of hitting something breakable. Digging the thing out when it fell back behind a piece of furniture or into a random box. Making the stir-crazy dog very happy.

As I always say, a tired dog is a happy owner!

What do you do to exercise your antsy dog when it’s difficult to be outside?



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