Knock Knock

Knock knock.

…by now you wouldn’t be able to hear yourself think enough to respond with “who’s there?”

Now that we’ve started tackling Rain’s reactivity issues, we’re moving on to a new challenge: visitors at the door.

Rain’s Uncle Atticus loved visitors, because those knocks on the door brought friends who would pet him or play with him. Each Halloween, he loved interacting with the kids who showed up. It’s unrealistic to expect that Rain will come quite that far, but I’d like her to at least be able to handle the visitor experience in a neutral way.

This sort of training requires a team effort. What we’ve been doing so far is when Rain is at my house, my mom will come over and knock on the door. It’s helpful if I have kibble to gain her focus before the knock. Even so, she has done a little barking during that first round. When she has calmed down and focused, I have asked my mom to knock again…and then Rain doesn’t react, and gets lots of praise and a few pieces of kibble.

Training takes practice, and she has already made progress!

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