Amigo Kitty

Right now, I’m shared custody between two animals: Rain (of course) and Amigo Kitty.

Amigo Kitty’s real owners live across the street—I think. He has a wiry brother I call Brother Kitty. They started spending time in my yard last spring. I started noticing them because they would stalk birds that were far too high for them to reach. Like on the electric wire over the street, high above even the roof of my house.

They soon started making friends with me. Amigo Kitty was the friendliest and least skittish. Before Rain’s Uncle Atticus died, Amigo Kitty started hanging out on my porch and sometimes even meowing for me to come out and pet him.

The day Uncle Atticus died (May 29, 2015), we returned from delivering the body to the vet for cremation and Amigo Kitty walked right into the house, jumped up on the back of my couch, and laid down right behind my head.

Over the summer I’d have Amigo Kitty in the house when Rain wasn’t around. Eventually he started sleeping on my bed overnight. When Rain was around he’d hang out in my front yard, sometimes just feet from the fence line. Rain got to see him largely as furniture rather than an exciting kitty to be chased.

It’s now fall—the weather has turned rainy and evening temperatures are getting closer to freezing. Amigo Kitty will meow at my door if there’s a rain shower or if it’s late. He wants in, and I’d rather he come in if his real owners aren’t going to let him in for the night.

That’s where the trouble begins. When Rain is here, he won’t come in. Rain is now to a point where I can open the front door for Amigo Kitty to come in, and Rain won’t bother him at all. On many nights, I’ve had Rain over and then delivered her home just before bed, so it would be safe for Amigo Kitty to come inside and sleep.

Life would be a lot easier if both Rain and Amigo Kitty could be in the house at the same time, but at this point it’s an Amigo Kitty problem more than a Rain problem!

I’ll keep working on this challenge, but I’m sort of at a loss on where to go. It’s like herding cats.

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