A Brief Update: Balance Beam and Amigo Kitty

Make no mistake: although Rain is done with Reactive Rover, we’re still hard at work.

Last week she amazed us all (at least me) by demonstrating an aptitude on the balance beam at the local park. I took a photo in fairly low light, but got a better photo last Saturday (above). During that same trip, Rain demonstrated that she could walk the length of the balance beam with just a little assistance, in the form of my holding a cookie the right way. She did it twice in a row!

I’m telling you, that dog will do anything for a cookie.

The other progress this week came in Rain’s relationship to Amigo Kitty. With a little help from my mother, on Sunday night Rain and Amigo Kitty successfully cohabitated the same space for the first time! Rain was on leash that first night, and it was soon pretty obvious that Rain was more concerned about my whereabouts than the whereabouts of the kitty. (Velcro dog, anyone?) I haven’t used the leash since that first night, and we’ve had zero issues.

They’re not exactly cuddle buddies—I still make sure that kitty is situated in the bedroom and then put a divider in the doorway. But it’s progress!

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