When it Rains, It Pours

It has been particularly rainy in Portland this week. A few creeks south of our house spilled over their banks further than normal, sending a few neighborhoods into evacuation mode.

Rain and I live about three blocks from one of the creeks that floods pretty regularly (here’s some footage from three blocks away from us). We’re lucky though—Johnson Creek runs through a wide canyon where we live, meaning the creek would need to rise to biblical proportions to put our house in flood danger. Nonetheless, it meant careful planning was needed to travel south for a few days: you wouldn’t want to cross Johnson Creek at one of the few non-flooded crossings and then learn that your crossing was flooded and impassable a few hours later.

Monday morning, during the first storm, I took Rain to the park in the morning as usual (seen above). It was very rainy.

So rainy that I avoided having Rain jump on certain surfaces, for fear she may slip on the wet.

So rainy that although we played ball, the entire park field was squishy.

So rainy that the knit hat I wear got waterlogged and started sliding down over my eyes.

So rainy that as soon as we got home, before I had removed my raincoat, my waterlogged pants fell down around my ankles. Later on, I needed to towel up several puddles that had collected on the floor underneath my raincoat and scarf.

You know what though? Rain does well with our morning routine, and not taking her out was not an option.

The things we do for our dogs, eh?

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