Is That My Dinner? The Honest Kitchen’s Scratch and Sniff Book for Dogs


While browsing around Healthy Pets NW in southwest Portland a few weekends ago, I spotted a display of free dog food samples. I nabbed one, figuring I could use the kibble as treats while working with Rain.

This was no ordinary dog food sample—I soon discovered what I had taken was a scratch and sniff storybook for dogs, called Is That My Dinner? The book revolves around a doggy who is sniffing around the house for his dinner. It included two packets of sample food from The Honest Kitchen.

Honestly. How cute is that?

A few days later I read the book to Rain, scratching the appropriate places in each spread and holding them up to Rain’s nose to sniff. (Yes, she smelled each and every one.)

When we came to the end of the story, I pulled out the food sample. Turns out I’d been had—this dog food wasn’t in kibble form! It was a dehydrated powder that you mix with water. The packaging assured us that the food was made from human-grade ingredients that were healthy and delicious. There were also TWO samples: turkey and beef.

Rain has lost some weight since I started working with her over the summer, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt if she got a couple of extra meals in order to use the stuff up.

One evening last week we decided to try the turkey dinner.


Yup, that’s what it looked like. Pea green with a soup-like consistency.

Okay, soup was not the first thing that came to mind as a comparison. And Rain has certainly eaten worse things than vomit.

Here’s the beef one, which had a slightly better color.


Rain normally eats her meals using a puzzle toy, and this required that we use Uncle Atticus’ dog bowl for her extra meal.IMG_1267

Rain LOVED it. She loved the turkey dinner so much that she fell into a semi-squat while licking the bowl clean. She loved it so much that she followed me around when I started making the beef packet a few days later.


The Honest Kitchen is encouraging people to post photos on social media of their puppers enjoying the sample, using the tag #honestholidaydinner (Instagram, Twitter). They offered prizes! I wondered how many people are participating.

During my research, I found that even The Honest Kitchen (Instagram, Twitter) has absolutely ZERO photos of the food itself—mostly just photos of dogs enjoying the book.

Do you think it’s because the food isn’t very photogenic? 😀

Do you need a copy of Is That My Dinner for your dog? If there’s no store locator near you, they can be ordered for $1 each on The Honest Kitchen’s website.

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