Bathing Beauty


Rain got a bath this past weekend.

There she is, asking “that was the last bath ever, right Heather?”

Sorry, kid. If only.

The water was noticeably brown any time it was running over her fur, leading me to believe that she had been in FILTHY territory. As soon as she started drying out she was much more pleasant to touch. As she dried from her bath, I didn’t dread going to sleep with her curled up at my side.

Given that it had rained for the previous 18 days, and most of those mornings Rain was out galloping around the squishy grass in our neighborhood park, it’s not terribly surprising that she was so dirty.

It was still wet and muddy though, and you know how dogs are after their bath.


Fortunately Rain kept herself mostly clean this time. She likes rubbing herself dry, so getting dirty after a bath is more of a risk in the summer.

After the bath, I took her regular collar and her seasonal jingle bell collar and soaked them in my kitchen sink. They too were noticeably dirty, as the sink water turned murky.

When you have a dog who loves playing outdoors, and you have 18 successive days of rain, you learn that baths should probably be coming more frequently.

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