A Christmas Trek Around SW Portland


What better way to spend a quiet holiday morning than to get out for some exercise! Rain and I visited our kitty buddy Tanha on Christmas morning. We let him out to do some prowling and then went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.

Since Rain was bouncing off the walls, we first headed to Gabriel Park (above). Unfortunately the winter off-leash area was muddy enough that we passed instead of venturing inside to play ball. We walked around the large park, Rain getting plenty of opportunity to practice not reacting when other dogs passed. (She’s getting good at it!) Rain enjoyed all the new smells and even got some good squirrel barking in for good measure. We then slogged up the fairly steep hill from Gabriel Park to Multnomah Village.

Did you know? Walking your dog up hills, or playing fetch by throwing their ball up a hill, is a good way to help curb all that energy!

Multnomah Village, a cluster of small, largely independent shops in SW Portland, is a pretty dog-friendly place. You may recall the special spot dogs have in July’s Multnomah Days parade. Many of the businesses also have water bowls set up for doggy visitors year-round. One business includes a few doggy statues next to the bowl, perhaps so doggies won’t feel lonely as they drink. Fat City Cafe has the Doggy Oasis next to their door, with water but also a wire basket full of dog treats posted a few feet up the wall!

Rain was introduced to the wonder of the 24/7 Doggy Oasis on this Christmas morning walk, but she also got to enjoy all the smells in this well-traveled commercial area. Burning up even more of that doggy energy, she hopped up on several retaining walls and benches—just because they were there. That’s how she is.

If you can believe it, two different strangers during our walk comment about how well-behaved Rain was! The first was a woman with a dog who passed us on the trail just before the above photo was taken. I told her about all our hard work doing Reactive Rover. The second was a man who lived near our kitty friend—he was engaged in some activity making weird noises on the side of his house, so Rain and I stopped to watch and listen in order to practice. He walked out of the side of his house and complimented her behavior.

I assured him that she would be far less angelic if I didn’t have treats in my pocket. 🙂

What a victory!

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