America’s Next Dog Model




Rain had a great Christmas weekend.

The haul: Rain and Skye got a couple more dog puzzle toys to keep their doggy brains stimulated, a few packages of special dog treats (including Liverace’s and Hairy Porter dog treats), a bully stick, an antler to chew on, and sweaters.

That’s right, SWEATERS.

Perhaps you recall that Rain is a long-haired dog with a thick undercoat. Nonetheless, she received two sweaters as gifts for Christmas. She probably doesn’t need them for warmth, but it’s fun to play dress-up with your dog. (Isn’t that right, Uncle Atticus?) Eventually I’d like her to compete in the dog costume contest at the UFO Festival in McMinnville.

Rain was a good sport when I put the sweaters on. As soon as I finished pulling the first sweater down her back, she stood uncomfortably, briefly unsure what to do. That sweater had two blocks of color with a bone knitted into the pattern, and it cinched up her back a bit.

The second sweater, a gray cable knit affair, seemed to fit better. It wasn’t long before she started to look like a Vogue model (above).

These sweaters mimic the doggy squeeze action the Thundershirt provides. Rain tends to get really nervous when she hears fireworks, and it’s New Year’s Eve…perhaps these sweaters will take the edge off her panic during the celebratory din?

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