Scenes from Portland’s Rose City Classic 2016

Portland’s Rose City Classic dog show is a major event for dog fanciers in Portland each year. Although the primary purpose of attending was to buy a Big G brush by Chris Christensen from the 3Cs booth, I took the opportunity to enjoy as much of the show as I could that morning. Here are a few scenes from the event.

(Rain was unable to go since non-competing dogs aren’t allowed in the halls of the Portland Expo Center.)


Above, the Aussie show on Saturday. The woman in the grey suit is Summer Jewel Fuls of Ragtime Australian Shepherds in Molalla, OR.

A gallery of dog art contest entries was on display, and this year’s theme was Dogs in Space. Here’s one of my favorite entries…although I may be biased.


The caption reads “Murphy the Australian Shepherd. Dreams to be with his idol Alan Shepard.” 🙂

Walking through the vendor areas at events like this is a treat if you’re a dog enthusiast. Of course there are plenty of companies offering high-quality treats, toys, leashes, and other items, but there are also artisans offering their wares in a variety of dog breeds. Fantasy in Glass out of Snohomish, WA, had a booth full of fused glass designs that were lovely, but they had already sold out of their Australian shepherd pieces. Drat! (Here’s a sample of one of their Aussie suncatchers.) Their other business, Metal Menagerie, also sells great breed-specific metal pieces! (Here’s the list of their Aussie metalwork products.)

One of the most unique vendors at the event was Let’s Go Design, a Wisconsin company that makes one product—a jacket made exclusively for dog walking. In addition to being waterproof, having a removable fleece liner, having a waterproof shell, and reflective piping, this jacket had a built-in poop bag dispenser in one of the pockets, another pocket with a liner for treats, and a belt that could detach to become a leash in an emergency. Pretty fancy!

In addition to the Big G brush I went to this event to purchase for Rain, I also got her a Dexas collapsable silicone food/water bowl for when we go hiking or traveling. The carabiner allows the bowl to be attached to the outside of a bag, so the bowl can dry off instead of getting water droplets over the things you may still have in your bag. Not like I have years of experience with that sort of thing from travels with Rain’s Uncle Atticus. No sir.

I only had a few hours in the morning to take in as much of the show as possible, so I never even got to watch agility trials, obedience competition, or check out any “meet the breed” presentations offered at this show! After watching an hour and a half of Australian shepherds strutting their stuff in the ring, another hour of perusing vendors, and a light snack, it was time to head out in order to make it to another commitment on time.

If you ever have a chance to get to the Rose City Classic (or any other larger dog show), even just one time—it’s worth the experience.


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