A Rainy Walk


Living with a perky puppy when you’re sick can be extra challenging. This past week, Rain managed to make it through three nights of early bedtimes and a human companion who wasn’t being very tolerant of doggy shenanigans.

No, Rain. Don’t bark at those squirrels chasing each other in the trees outside. NO RAIN, DO NOT STEAL THE THERMOMETER!

So when I woke up Saturday morning and my temperature was back to normal, I knew it was quite necessary to burn some of Rain’s pent-up doggy energy on a nice long outing. I was still sick but once you’ve turned the corner you put on your wool socks and raincoat and do what must be done.

We started out by heading down to the Springwater Corridor, a multi-use path that makes for some great exploring. Rain got to sniff all along the sides of the trail and watch inquisitively as a few cyclists coasted by.

Soon, we came to the Luther Road Restoration Project, an site next to the path where neighboring Johnson Creek had its course adjusted a bit in order to help mitigate winter floods. We visited a few rocky interpretive structures with ledges about four feet high, and of course Rain wasted no time in leaping up to become King of the Mountain (above).

After exploring, we headed further east a bit more on the Springwater before jogging over on a neighborhood street to head back. On the way back, our local park was completely free of people—a heavy rain shower in 45 degree weather tends to clear out the park, even on a Saturday afternoon. We took advantage of the opportunity to play some ball in the grassy field, like we do at the park every weekday morning.

Of course when we got home, Rain was a Thoroughly Muddy Millie. TIME FOR A BATH!

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