Doggie Dashing


Rain will be participating in the Doggie Dash, a fundraiser for Oregon Humane Society (OHS), on May 14th! But we need your help.

Early followers of Rain in the Forecast may recall that last fall, Rain attended Reactive Rover class at OHS. We’ve been working hard on her social skills since then. Recent outings suggest she’s ready for a bigger challenge: attending a public event and participating with other dogs (without barking, as she did last summer during the Multnomah Days parade)!

Here’s where you come in. Rain’s trying to raise $300 in donations for Oregon Humane Society. Could you spare a few dollars to help us get there?


If you can only give $3, $5, or $7.27, that’s fine! Even if you’re no Uncle Moneybags, we want to know that we have your support. There’s a prize for whoever secures donations from the largest amount of people…regardless of how small those donations are.

Less than 24 hours after registration, we’ve already got three donors and we’re 30% of the way to our goal! Can you help push us up to 50%?

We’d love it if you’d help Rain give back to the organization that has done so much for her. Donate today!


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