Agility: IT IS ON.


It took plenty of research, several emails, a few false starts, and then about a month of waiting. It will require a little work schedule rearranging and a drive out of town at rush hour. BUT!

I am happy to announce that Rain will be starting her first agility class this week!

It has already been and will continue to be a logistical challenge, but it seems there’s no other way. Research uncovered no viable in-town options to take classes. Eventually I talked to a facility that mentioned Columbia Agility Team. The closest facilities were a 20+ minute drive further out of town, approaching the rural areas of the county we live in. (We are a block from the northernmost part of our county.)

If you think about the details, it makes sense. Agility requires large, heavy equipment that would be difficult to move frequently in a traditional training environment which frequently needs an open floor. It requires a lot of space, like a barn, and space is not cheap inside the center of Portland. Oh no.

It will be interesting to see how far Rain truly has come since last fall. We recently went on a hike at Powell Butte and she didn’t have any barking trouble despite the many people and dogs who were out on the warm spring day. Just in case though, the trainer has a visual barrier that we can use if things get barky.

I’m hoping we won’t need that barrier! I wouldn’t have registered us for Doggie Dash if I thought she might have problems. The only way out of a challenge is through, and it’s time to take that next step.

Like Reactive Rover, I hope to provide reports. However, I’m doing this class without family support, so I may not be able to get any decent photos.

Wish us luck!


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