Oh, Possum

It’s 5am and Rain, Roy [Amigo Kitty], and I have just woken up. Groggy from a scant five hours of sleep, I let Rain into the backyard. When I’m letting Roy out the front door I hear a little barking in the back, then silence.

Usually this bark means Rain is waiting at the back door, ready to come in and have breakfast. I walk to the back of the house to let Rain in, but she’s not there. Then, more barking. Someone must be walking down the street. I step outside to corral her back into the house.

That’s when I saw Rain focusing not at the street outside our house, but the compost bin. I see something white and in a moment realize it’s an opossum. Inside our yard!

Rain is running half circles around the compost bin and has effectively cornered it into the small six inch space between the bin and the fence. It is hissing, not playing dead. It’s 5am, Rain’s now barking up a storm, and I don’t know if opossums can bite! I gotta get Rain back into the house.

It took a few minutes of unsuccessful grabs at her as she ran past me, but eventually she stood still long enough for me to scoop her up in my arms and control her squirms long enough to carry her back in the house.

Once Rain was happily eating her breakfast, I checked the back door again and our midnight visitor had disappeared.

Note: It doesn’t appear that opossums are actually a serious threat to dogs, according to the Humane Society of the United States. But when it’s 5am and you’re groggy, seeing that bony face and those sharp teeth make you flee first and ask questions later!


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