A New Bandana

Rain and Skye at Multnomah Days Parade

Australian shepherds and bandanas go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Until this week though, Rain only really had one bandana (a red western-looking number, seen above) that fit her properly. Uncle Atticus left behind a set of holiday bandanas (with prints for Easter, Thanksgiving, and so on) but they were specially made for his larger frame.

My mother recently remarked that Rain needed a light blue bandana to bring out the blue in her eyes. I identified a good candidate (bandana-date?) online at REI and then stopped in last Sunday to make the purchase.

There was only one problem—the blue I had selected looked far more vibrant on screen than it did in person. My heart sank.

The shelf below had additional options: interesting tie-dyed and batik bandanas. My eyes quickly zeroed in on a tie-dyed bandana with a stylish palette.


It has been a big hit so far with friends and family. Visually distinct from her other bandana, but not your usual loud tie-dyed job.

She looks happy to have another fashion option now, don’t you think?


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