A Rare Moment of Rest


When Rain and I got home from our morning park jaunt yesterday, she did something unusual. Something glorious.

She was calm.

She didn’t peep out the window in search of squirrels to bark at. She didn’t follow me around the house with an antsy look, waiting for me to pick up a ball instead of gathering my belongings for work.

Instead, she quietly followed me around while I made breakfast. She settled down on the carpet next to my desk and stayed there until it was time to go to her babysitter’s house (next door) for the day. I managed to get down to her level and snap a photo of her dozing off without sparking a minute and a half of doggy kisses.

It was nice!

[Don’t worry, she’s perfectly fine. When I returned home in the evening, she was back to her barky, squirrelly, excited self!]

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