It’s Quiet. TOO Quiet…


There has been a noticeable drop in the noise level around here the last few days. Rain hasn’t barked at squirrels several times each morning. She has watched me get ready to take her to the park without making a ruckus. Last night she even failed to bark and run toward the door every time she thought I might go somewhere without her.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering: WHAT’S WRONG?

Rain doesn’t seem ill. She still licks me for minutes at a time when given the chance. We’ve still been playing ball in the park without incident.

Often these things become clear with time, but I always like wild speculation and seeking input from others. What do you think?

Reminder: Only two days until Rain does Doggie Dash! Things have been busy this week so we haven’t been able to reach out quite as much as we’d like to secure that last $80 in donations. Give today! Perhaps you can help Rain get her bark back.

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