All Wet: Weekly Agility Update


It was another day of rain in our region after several days of unseasonably warm weather. As I’ve previously mentioned, the park we usually visit before class is essentially an enormous field and the grass is not mowed regularly. On this day, it meant that the grass was as tall as Rain in areas, and very wet. Her enthusiasm remained strong though, chasing her ball during a break in the afternoon rain.

When it was time to head to class I told her she was all wet.

Arriving at class, Rain was really excited and made rather a ruckus. Once I gave her a doggy pacifier she was ruckus-free, which thankfully continued through the end of class. Mostly.

This week we learned a new exercise I’m pretty excited about. It’s a shaping exercise, and the goal is to have your dog put their front paws on a small stool and then move around the stool using their back feet. Like a circus elephant!

Since we only have three people/dogs in class we take turns trying out each exercise, and Rain was up first. Molly had introduced the exercise by saying “it usually takes dogs a while to get this, three or four weeks.” When Rain was putting her front paws on the stool in a matter of seconds, Molly chortled, “if she gets this exercise tonight, I quit!” 🙂

Rain didn’t get the whole thing before our eyes, but within a few minutes she was well on her way. Since I am highly amused by the circus elephant comparison, I’ve been eager to show this one to other people over the last few days. Rain has been a champion pachyderm in all demonstrations. 🐘

Toward the end of class, it suddenly became hard to hear—a downpour had started. Heavy drops were pounding against the large roof over the arena and the skies outside were black. During our final exercise I avoided the small wet spots on the dirt floor, which denoted where drops were leaking in from the roof.

The rain lessened once class was over, so Rain and I headed to the pens out back to play a little before heading home. Before long the rain swelled again so both of us were wet. I had a raincoat, but it was the leaky one I just can’t manage to get rid of.

I was all wet too!


One comment

  1. owningadogwithanxiety · June 28, 2016

    Good job, Rain!


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