Rain a la Cart


What do you do when you see an empty shopping cart on your morning walk, accompanied by a dog whose life experiences you’re trying to expand?

If you’re anything like me, you put the dog in the cart and wheel them around a bit!

This wasn’t the only shopping cart we saw in our local park this morning, but it was the only one that was empty. The other was full up with random objects—panes of glass, partly crushed soda cans, a piece of particle board, and so on. When we encountered this beauty I lifted Rain in, gave her a reward for not trying to immediately jump out, then slowly wheeled her around the parking lot. Once she discovered she had GREAT access for licking my face she was happy to stay put.


My family used to take Skye to the local Home Depot and wheel her around the store in a shopping cart much like this. (Did you know Home Depot is dog friendly?) Skye always got lots of attention and pets for being so cute, and my parents didn’t have to worry about anyone tripping over her while looking at PVC pipe or garden gnomes.

Rain did great for her first time being pushed around in a shopping cart. In a perfect world, I could eventually get her to stay put to ride in a cargo bike.

It would be great if Rain and I could eventually bike around town together, but given Rain’s propensity toward movement I’m not going to hold my breath.

You never know though, until you try.


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