Practice Makes Perfect

In the past week, Rain and I have been practicing a bit to catch up on some of our agility exercises and homework.

My little circus elephant in training. 🐘 #australianshepherd #agilitytraining

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Circus elephant isn’t going too well so far. Rain seems to know that I want her back feet to move to her left, but she keeps getting to a certain point and after that her feet just go into dance mode. She just lifts them up and shuffles a bit. Molly says that at some point there will be a big “aha moment” (and her classmate Kate has already mastered it!) but until then, we will remain doing the shuffle.

Of course, Molly says many people quit agility before the dog has mastered circus elephant.

I’d say we’ve pretty much mastered this one. Molly asked us to prepare our dogs for teeter by stepping up from a wobble board to a moving object like a cart. The shopping carts starting showing up in our park a few weeks ago so I was working on that before she even asked it. Apparently the clanging metal is also useful to get Rain used to the metallic sound of the teeter.

The morning after we made that video, I made a point of putting Rain in the cart and doing crazy things. Sudden changes of direction, starts and stops, rolling over different surfaces. I think she’s got it.

Don’t ask us how the board exercise is going…at least not just yet. :\

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