Once More Unto the Beach, Dear Rain


Rain did what any sharp young pupil on summer break would do this weekend…she went to the beach! This time my mom took her, so I had the weekend all to myself. B-)

Mom reported back that Rain is starting to really enjoy running in the water, which she wasn’t so sure about the first time she went to the beach. At one point she ran through a sandy tidepool and discovered (the hard way) that sandy tidepools can have sink holes in them. She ended up nearly up to her neck in saltwater. But she still came out smiling!

Then there was a bunny incident. A particular bunny with a large swoosh-looking mark on its left side frequently forages in the yard of my parents’ space. (Mom and her friend have named the bunny “Nike.”)

When returning home Saturday afternoon, Nike was in the shady yard when Rain spotted her and went crazy. There was barking, there was leash lunging, and Rain may have even broken free for a bit to chase poor Nike back into hiding.

Perhaps the only thing better than a squirrel is a bunny? At any rate, I’m sure Rain was quite excited by her opportunity to protect the herd by showing the scary bunny who was boss.


The Rabbit of Caerbannog

RUN AWAY!!!!!!

When they returned home Sunday evening, Rain was extremely happy to see me, wiggling and dancing around my house so excitedly I couldn’t manage to put my hand on her to pet her for a few minutes. I had missed her, sure—but I also had enjoyed two days when I could notice a squirrel outside our front window without the necessity of a ten-minute interruption.

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