A New Crate! (Kinda.)

Nobody knows, the trouble I’ve seen…

Rain got a new crate last weekend! Sorta.

When it was time for Rain and I to start working on her barking habit using time outs, we unearthed an old blue plastic crate. This crate has been in the family since Breeze’s time (approx. 1992-2002). It has served at least four dogs, including some time being mounted on a bicycle trailer frame. Eventually the trailer was dismantled and the crate went back into circulation.

My mom had two wire crates, but they were used for Skye and Rain to sleep in at night. Skye isn’t around anymore, so she has had a folded-up crate sitting in her living room for the last few months. I negotiated a trade, and you can see Rain showing off the result above!

Languishing in jail like that, she reminds me of another princess:

The wire crate seems more spacious inside, although it doesn’t take up much more floor space. Her head has more clearance. The kennel pads lie flat rather than getting bunched up at the corners. It’s easy to see what Rain is up to without bending over and looking through the one door, squinting to see through the shadow like I needed to do with the blue one. Crates are supposed to be a protective den for a dog, so if she ever wants to use it for that purpose I can drape a blanket or light sheet over the top to give her more privacy. The door handle is at a better height, too.

In other words, this was an excellent trade!

Don’t worry about her languishing in jail—Rain spends very little time in her crate these days. She’s much happier sleeping next to me (and even Roy) on the bed, and she doesn’t get nearly as many time outs as she used to.


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