Weaving the Legs: Weekly Agility Report


Once again Rain and I got weather-lucky heading to agility this week. The weather had been dreary earlier that day, but the ominous clouds had passed by the time I was heading home to pick Rain up.

Low areas in the park were a bit of a wetland when we arrived. We were able to trudge through it (technically, one of us galloped through it, chasing a tennis ball and kicking up all kinds of water). We spent almost all our time in a less swampy part of the field.


Molly began our agility class this week by showing us how to take “tick tick tick” to the next level by teaching our dog how to weave around our legs. She mentioned it would be a good exercise to keep dogs occupied during class when they’re not working, she said….looking straight at me.

Yep. Rain wants to keep active, keep my attention, keep earning her cookies every single minute we are in class. If she’s not the center of attention, if it’s not her turn to work on whatever exercise we’re practicing, she starts getting noisy. If I look away from her for more than a few seconds to watch another dog/handler, she starts getting noisy.

Fortunately, Rain is taking to the leg weave like nobody’s business.


We mostly worked on reviewing our budding teeter skills during class. First we reviewed lying down on the teeter contact zone, as Kate and Linda demonstrate here:


Then, depending on how each dog was doing with the basics, Molly took the next step. At the end of Rain’s time the teeter was about a foot or so off the ground, where she’d hop up and slam it down, then lie down on the end. We’re slowly working up to the dog walking up one end, passing the fulcrum, and lying on the end as it slams down. (Here’s a video of a border collie doing some of the teeter exercises we’ve been working on.)

The teeter ain’t no thang to Rain. She really likes climbing on things and isn’t fazed by most of the equipment noise…probably because there’s almost nothing louder than her bark!


When we weren’t working with the teeter I kept Rain out of trouble by working on other commands. She turned left, she turned right, she took a nearby jump, and of course I led her through our new leg weaving exercise several times before the end of class.

Rain was still all revved up when we got home from class, but she usually spends the night on Thursdays with my mom. It meant I got a nice reprieve from the crazy doggy, and I was comforted that she’d get plenty of exercise the next day.

…But more about that on Thursday…

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