Intruder Alert! Weekly Agility Update


Signs suggested we’d have a rough time traveling to agility, but it all went rather smoothly. The weather was good, the roads worked in our favor, and things went well enough that we had more than a half-hour to spend at the park before we needed to mosey to class.

At first we played ball on higher ground, but once Rain’s trick arm started showing some signs of soreness, I hid the ball in our treat bag and we spent the rest of the time walking around the perimeter of the park. Fortunately, I saw a bunny ahead on the trail before Rain did, and got her secure on a leash ASAP. It’s entirely likely she might have chased it through the barbed wire fence and into the Christmas tree farm next door.

As we rounded the other side of the park I let her off leash again. Rain ran through the mud at top speed.


Pretty soon we wiped up, packed up, and headed up to class.

Rain was settled on her mat with her puppy pacifier at the start of class. She was quiet, and I was thankful. But then…!


Two people had shown up to observe class. Almost as soon as they came into the arena, Rain was letting everyone know that she knew they were there. She barked. And she barked. And she barked some more. She filled the spacious arena (and then some) with her very loud farm dog alert.

intrudersThe intruders. Faces severely blurred to protect the innocent.

Class disrupted, we eventually de-escalated her and got her over to sniff the intruders’ shoes. Molly instructed them not to greet Rain because “in competition” judges aren’t going to be making nice with the dogs.

[Wait—does that mean Molly thinks we would ever be capable of going to a competition? I’m not sure I share that faith, especially in moments like this…]

After things had simmered down Kate was wandering around next to us, looking for any spilled goodies. Rain also likes to try and get some of Kate’s string cheese goodies, so it’s a symbiotic relationship. 🙂


As for exercises this week, we only did a couple. We went back to working on the back feet on the board/cheese wedge exercise, and continued working with the channel weave poles.


I had plenty of battery this week to take a photo of Rain coming through the channel weave poles. But after a couple of not-ideal attempts (like the one above), I had a different problem…


That seemed more or less in keeping with my day. I took my cue and guided Rain out to our car to journey home in silence. Beautiful silence.



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