Next Year: Black Tri-day?

The day after Thanksgiving has become fragmented over the last decade or so. Retailers started capitalizing on Black Friday, bringing about unintended consequences, and then others started reacting to it. We also now have Buy Nothing Day, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. High-profile outdoor businesses like REI started encouraging people to use the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy the outdoors with their Opt Outside campaign, even closing their stores on Black Friday as a statement.

Us? I usually try to buy nothing, but I frequently end up making a couple-buck purchase of a snack or something. Still, it’s a far cry from waiting outside a big box store at 2am to get some electronic gizmo for cheap. Getting outside has been a much easier thing to do each year…especially with an Aussie!

Here’s a proposal: why don’t we have Black Tri-day? This would be a day to celebrate black tri Aussies, either by seeking one out to pet and love or maybe posting photos of our black tri online. What do you think?

I’ll start. Above is a photo of Marcus (now Mykiss), one of Rain’s brothers. Marcus found a forever home not too far from us. A retired fish biologist and his wife adopted Marcus and renamed him Mykiss since it sounded pretty close to Marcus and was part of the scientific name for certain trout species.

It’s no longer Black Tri-day, but feel free to share photos or stories about your black tri below!


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