A Rainy Thanksgiving Morning Walk


There was no agility class this week due to Thanksgiving weekend.

Rain woke up on Thanksgiving day bursting at the seams with energy. I dared to sleep in until 7am and as soon as I was stirring she started whimpering. Once we were up she kept barking at a squirrel in the apple tree outside who was just trying to get his breakfast. Since I had decided not to do the Tofurky Trot this year I was already planning a long walk anyhow, but antsy Rain made it imperative that we get out sooner than later.

There are a series of walking routes in our neighborhood that I established with Uncle Atticus. When I refer to a specific route, I call them the short walk, medium walk, long walk, and extra long walk. This was definitely the morning for the extra long route! According to Google Maps that route is 3.2 miles, which is just 1/10th of a mile longer than a 5k.

Last year the Tofurky Trot took me about an hour to walk, as I did not have a canine companion in tow. Rain and I kept a slower pace, not including making several stops along our path. We stopped at our park to do our morning exercises on the playground. We stopped whenever Rain found something super interesting to sniff. We stopped for a few minutes at the off-leash dog park. We ended up being outside over an hour and a half!

One of our stops involved taking a photo of this sign outside of Northwest Releaf, a marijuana dispensary next to Brentwood Park. It may just be a sign inviting their customers to bring their bikes or four-legged buddies with them to the business. We do live in Portland—land of bikes, dogs, and beer—after all. We’ve passed this sign a couple of times now, and it always feels like it’s summing up my personal life philosophy. 🙂


The only drawback to this particular walk was due to a rainstorm that hammered Portland all day on Thanksgiving. IT WAS WET, and so were we. By the time we got home water was squishing inside of my boots with each step. I had to wring out my handwarmers on the front porch. My scarf dripped on the floor from the back of a chair. My wool socks made wet footprints as I walked around the house after removing my boots.

Rain got soaked too but she took it in stride, stopping to shake the water off every so often along the way. At the Brentwood Park off-leash area, she waded elbow deep into the enormous chunky mud puddle in the center of the play area.

A Rainy, muddy, Thanksgiving morning walk. 🦃

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Our walk was enormously effective, bringing Rain’s energy level out of the stratosphere. Once we were home and not dripping anymore, Rain took the rest of the day in stride, hanging out and being a pleasant puppy while her people prepped a Thanksgiving meal.



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