Snow Day!

img_3778Snowy face.

After the first class of our “reindeer games” agility mini-session was cancelled, there were rumblings that it could snow again the following week. Crazy, right?

The afternoon before agility, the storm came in and the Portland metro area turned chaotic. It seems that everyone decided to leave for home at the same time, ill-prepared for the weather that got dumped on the region within a couple of hours. The net result was hours-long commute times.

img_3772It’s not supposed to look like that!

img_3774Two and a half hours after leaving the office we were a mere mile from home. Ten miles from work to home normally takes 30-40 minutes.

Of course when the weather outlook for the next day didn’t include above-freezing temperatures, agility got canceled again. Bummer.

Work (for me, anyway) got cancelled for the day as well. Wahoo!

Rain and I suited up and got out to the neighborhood park around our normal time. Before it was light outside. This was deliberate, so the place would be relatively free of others. Kids were unlikely to get out and play at 7:00am, before they ate their oatmeal and their moms made them bundle up. Their loss would be our gain—we got the park all to ourselves.

Rain and I were at the park for over an hour. I took her off leash (which I haven’t done in this park for months) and we played ball in the snow.

Rain ran around the baseball diamond. She ran up and down the berm. She ran around the other baseball diamond, and then up and down the other berm. We weren’t the first ones to play in the snow at the park—the shenanigans had probably started the previous evening—but we certainly did as much snow-trampling as we could during our time there.

When we got to the playground I made a video of Rain using the slide, as she does most days. On this day, though, you could see the slide marks in collected snow on the slide itself.

Snow Sliding #australianshepherd

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(You may notice Rain get up on the balance beam. Walking across the balance beam is now one of her everyday activities during our playground visits.)

Playing fetch with the ball was our main snow day activity! Rain was feeling frisky and the snow was unusually powdery for Portland, so making snowballs was pretty difficult. Instead, I had a tennis ball and we just played fetch as we sloooooowly made our way around the park. The ball froze and got caked with snow, making it more difficult for Rain to find when it landed. She frequently used her nose to root it out from the field of white.

Rain has a perfect bite!

Despite the extended play (or perhaps because of it), Rain was extra squirrelly the rest of the day. Whenever I walked around the house she would get excited, anticipating that we were about to go outside to play.

Sadly, I was not able to dedicate my entire day to playing with her. That evening though, I know Rain slept soundly, having gotten more stimulation than she normally would have on just any regular weekday. Because, after all, this wasn’t just any regular weekday—this was a snow day!

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