Meet Mindy


Meet Mindy…the newest member of Rain’s family.

Mindy is a seven month old Havanese who joined the family last week. There’s some debate about whether she’s still a puppy or not, but she has certainly caused a splash in the few days she has been around.

Literally—she threw up on my parents’ bed the first night, and peed on their bed the second night!

Mindy’s arrival means business is not quite normal these days at my parents’ house. Mindy and the kitty have been staring and tiptoeing around each other. Rain is currently not allowed to have free access to Mindy, and Rain’s loud barks scare her.

Our family has almost exclusively had Australian shepherds my entire life, with the one exception being a precocious Sheltie we trained to be a service dog in the early 90s. Apparently my mom wasn’t satisfied with just sharing Rain after Skye died last spring. This is a pretty monumental change for our family but a smaller dog suits my parents’ lifestyle these days much better than any of the herding breeds.

Mindy is so-called because her original owner named her Minnie, which we’re not a fan of, and she clearly knows her name. My mom tweaked Minnie into Mindy, as in Mork and Mindy.

I’ve threatened my mom that I’m going to get her a male dog who looks otherworldly, perhaps a Chinese crested, and name him Mork.

 img_3800I’ve traditionally had a hard time being excited by small-breed dogs. Apparently Havanese are often outgoing, enthusiastic, and happy dogs, but Rain and I haven’t seen this side of her yet. Mindy has mostly been scared in our presence. She is still getting adjusted to a radically different life, after all.

Rain has been good with Mindy so far (through the other side of an exercise pen or crate wall) but when Rain barks with excitement that someone’s home, say, Mindy gets scared. Mindy growls when she’s scared, but Rain has only expressed curiosity about her so far, evidenced by her satellite ears being almost fully extended.

When Mindy’s ponytail is down she looks like a miniature English sheepdog though, which is pretty endearing. My mom has seen evidence of the happy Havanese personality, so perhaps in time we’ll see it as well. Rain would love to have a new friend!

We’ll see how this all plays out…

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