Freezing Rain

An ice storm was in the forecast earlier this week, and I ended up having another day off of work. We weren’t seeing any of the expected freezing rain by mid-morning, so I took Rain to the park for what was to be our last off-leash snowy jaunt, at least for now.





We played fetch on our adventure and ended up losing a tennis ball in the snow. Rain got to run to and fro as she wanted, more or less, at times charging at me full speed from nearly one hundred feet away. We spent roughly another hour and a half at the park before heading home.

As the day wore on it was clear that my neighborhood wouldn’t be getting the forecasted freezing rain. (The area around my office, however, got plenty.) The temperature rose to a glorious 35°F and the big thaw started happening at long last. There was much rejoicing in Portland.

Rain’s snow adventures caught up with her that evening and she became very tired, settling in to sleep even before I turned out the lights. When Rain gets plenty of space and time to run, when she has opportunities to get truly worn out, I wish we had a farm or a big yard to exercise her in every day—after all, a tired dog is a happy owner!


  1. dumbestblogger · March 21

    That is the cutest dog!


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