And Then There Were Four: Weekly Agility Report

No false alarms this week—the weather was just dandy for February and our agility routine proceeded smoothly.

First, Rain had fun at Wilco, of course. Here she is pretending to be Snoopy.


Once inside, Rain examined all the aisles at least once, with thorough inspection given to clean up any stray kibble in the dog food aisle. She paused for a moment to show her followers all the varieties of horse rope they have…if you’re in the market.

A few minutes after class started this week, an unfamiliar face started wandering toward the arena door…it was our fourth human/dog team, Liz and Pippa! Pippa is a cairn terrier who is as conformation (show) dog. Liz is trying to earn Pippa a champion title so she can be bred.



There’s Pippa starting to learn how to put her back feet on the board. Here’s a wider shot of our class, with a glimpse of Donna and Josie the black goldendoodle; and of course Linda and Leo.


During class we ended up doing a review of the board/feet exercise and then we practiced doing the weave pole channel. Pippa was 100% new so Molly took a bit longer in working with her.


Thus Rain didn’t end up doing a ton in class this week, besides eating the kibble I fed to her as she behaved herself. Since she didn’t burn up much energy, the second class was over Rain started barking. And barking.

“Let me sing you the song of my people!” she said. I gave her a withering look—or really the next 45 minutes were full of withering looks, as she continued being fussy as we left the facility.

Surely once we got home she’d settle down a bit, right? WRONG! She grabbed her toys and wanted to play. And not silently.

She gave me a bit of a headache but I slept quite soundly that night. The next morning, I started conspiring about undertaking outings in the near future specifically to wear Rain out.


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