Rain’s Morning Game: Find the Kong

Around 7:45am each morning, Rain has started hanging out just past the doorway of the kitchen, looking back in at me. She looks at me impatiently and might start to whimper, whine, or sigh. If my inside travels take me near that particular archway, Rain rushes to the back door until she realizes I’m not coming. Then she returns to her former post to watch my moves, maybe giving a sigh or a resigned whimper.

UNTIL it’s time. I move to our back door, we head into the backyard and then through the gate separating my house from my parents’ house next door. As soon as the gate is open she rushes to their back door, more often than not giving a couple of excited barks.


My iPhone is out and as soon as I crack open the door, I press START on the iPhone timer. Rain rushes into the house and starts frantically looking around.

My mom has stuffed a Kong with goodies and hidden it for Rain to find.

This is sort of a variation on find the cookie, but Rain needs to purely rely on her nose to find the treat. Our part in the fun is timing her from day to day and trying to find a hiding place for the Kong that will take her more than 30 seconds to find.


We’ve tried up high. We’ve tried down low. We’ve tried in different rooms of the house. We’ve tucked it into crevices with just a little bit exposed to the air. We’ve tried putting it on a person sitting in a chair.

We’ve only truly stumped her a couple of times.

Once she has found the Kong she takes it to the same end of the futon couch and starts enjoying it. A Kong will probably only last a couple of minutes, but it’s long enough for me to pat her, say goodbye, and slip out so I can head out to work.


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