Making a Splash


It had been a couple of months since Rain went swimming so I booked a slot on a recent Sunday afternoon. This was to be our first unsupervised swim! Steven came with us, both to enjoy having fun with Rain but also to take advantage of the hot tub available right next to the doggy pool.

Our attendant helped us suit her up with the doggy PDF at my request—there was so much going on during our prior sessions that I totally forgot to ask about the detail of getting Rain suited up to swim.


Once everyone was ready it wasn’t that hard to get Rain in the pool. She doesn’t seem to need a bully stick anymore but she does enjoy swimming out to fetch a tennis ball. She doesn’t seem to go for the larger pool toys they had available like the Elvis-esque rubber chicken or the floating throw toys geared toward retrievers.

One thing I noticed during this visit is that Rain doesn’t get noisy when she’s in the pool. She doesn’t bark, whine, or otherwise sing us the song of her people. She just swims out to fetch the ball and bring it back to the platform that seems to be her comforable home base.

At a certain point Rain got out of the pool and walked away from the shallow platform with the ramp. I threw the ball into another part of the pool in order to see if she would jump in after it. She didn’t jump in (I’m okay with that), but she also didn’t come back around to the platform/ramp to swim out to get it either.

I had booked a 45 minute swim, but around 30 minutes in it seemed that she was more or less done with being in the water. She shook off multiple times and seemed more reluctant to get back in, although we got her to swim-fetch the ball a few more times. At a certain point we just figured we’d hang out in the hot tub until it was time to start getting ready to go. Rain had no problem hanging out next to us, licking our faces while they were easily accessible to her standing on the pool deck.

It wasn’t until the end of our visit that I realized I hadn’t taken any new photos of her pool adventures. Now we have another reason to go back for another visit!


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