The Clackamatackys Strike Again: Weekly Agility Report

The days have been staying light later, so this week I decided to try and visit our old park. You may recall that in November we’d arrive to find the park pitch black and due to our region’s rainy season, pretty marshy in low spots.

Upon arrival I noticed the undeveloped parking lot had orange construction fencing up around it. Signs attached the posts warned park users to not drive into the field beyond the parking lot, complete with a photo of a white SUV that had presumably gotten stuck in the mud.

Rain was not amused to hear of the shenanigans that had taken place. Nor was I.

Of course part of the marshiest spots in this field were right next to the parking area, so we I needed to be careful stepping around the oily mud in order to reach the higher ground beyond. (Who am I kidding? Rain doesn’t care if she’s up to her elbows—I was the one doing my best to avoid getting suctioned into the areas of thick, sticky mud.)

The sheen of motor oil inside a tire track.

Rain loved being back where she could run like a locomotive and play ball for an extended period. As we did that, I pondered incidents like the four-wheeling incident and how many times the actions of one or two can severely mar the enjoyment of the larger group. I cursed the Clackamatackys under my breath as well as their actions that have undermined the community that has been working for years to take care of this modest city park.

We live in Clackamas County, which is a very large county in Oregon that has urban, suburban, and rural components. Whenever I see shenanigans like this I blame it on the Clackamatackys, my phrase for people who appear to be uneducated, unobservant, and/or unwilling to think beyond their own fleeting desires. On July 4th, they set off illegal fireworks in our urban neighborhood, not thinking about the grass fires they may cause or the animals they may be terrorizing. When it snows, they head to the nearest park with their ATV, not considering the damage they may be making that will last weeks beyond their thrill ride. It seems that people will manage to do anything you don’t make them physically incapable of doing.

Before I got too lost in my thoughts, my master was barking at me. She wanted me to throw her ball, dang it!

Agility class was more or less fine, although Rain was a bit barky. (Try not to be shocked.) When it was our turn to work on some tunnel moves, Rain decided to just bark at me incessantly rather than do her part. We eventually got her brain back, but it was an uncomfortable few minutes.

Shortly after our tunnel tribulations I remembered a special treat I bought specifically to bring to class this week.

Once the string cheese was open Rain gained a laser focus that held through the rest of class. When we were waiting for others to work with Molly, Rain and I worked on the tire and then I set up a sequence for her involving both the tire and a jump.

This week we were back with our prior class due to a scheduling issue, but moving forward we’re going to try and go to the other class we tried last week. It’s still unclear whether this will be doable long-term, but we’ll try our best!

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