Rain Gets Momentarily Caught in a Vortex

Rain got a bath this past weekend. She hadn’t had one since December and her enjoyment of winter mud had made her coat dusty and oily. When we visited the swimming pool, I think it was noticeably more murky when we left than when we arrived!

Rain has also been starting to blow her winter coat, which on a dog with such a thick undercoat means there’s hair on everything in the house. A couple of weeks ago I used her special brush to start trying to weed out loose hairs, and she has had a few decent brushing sessions since. Each session yields 5-10 brushfuls of hair in what seems like just a few minutes. Rain felt noticeably softer after each time she got brushed.

Still though, brushes don’t get out all the oil and mud so it was past time for a bath. And the funniest thing happened shortly after she hopped out of the tub…she got caught in a vortex! But just for a few seconds at a time.

Once the few seconds were over, she returned to her happy self, bouncing out to the living room to rub wildly all over the furniture. Once dry she was so soft, so much more enjoyable to pet, and smelled like raspberries.

That is until the next day, when it would be time again to head out for our morning walk, with Rain kicking up all sorts of mud on her feet and underbelly, and starting the process once again.

It’s nice while it lasts though!

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