Absent for the First Time: Weekly Agility Report

Watching out of the upstairs window, waiting for my return.

Rain didn’t get to go to agility this week! This is the first week in nearly a year of going to class that we’ve needed to miss. I don’t like to waste money, for one thing—but this week I had to be away on a work trip so there wasn’t a lot that could be done about it.

I’d be lying if I said I spent my time away from home worried about Rain. Unpacking at a hotel, it became clear just how pervasive dog hair had become in my wardrobe. It was peaceful to wake up without being barked at by a bossy Aussie. I could more or less go wherever I wanted without needing to consider whether dogs were allowed or whether Rain might draw unwanted attention if she saw a squirrel. It was pretty nice!

The trip ended though, and when I came home I had a couple of animals who were VERY happy to see me.

Rain saw me and got really excited. She does that every time I come back at the end of the day, but this was different. Her excitement lasted far longer than usual, bouncing and yipping and fetching toys to play with even after we got home. Rain doesn’t have a smiley face as often as we’d like, but when I came home she was all sunshine.

Roy, our kitty pal, was happy to see me too. Since winter he has been spending more time inside my house than elsewhere, and he was mostly left on his own for almost a week! My mom brought him in and fed him in the last couple of days, which renewed our talks about adopting Roy in a more official manner.

Both Rain and Roy were very happy to sleep nestled up to me in my bed again that night. I had the next day off from work and they both clung to me the whole day. If I moved from one room to the next, everyone felt like they had to move with me.

At one point, Roy jumped on my kitchen counter, pushing my wallet and iPhone into a sink full of hot, soapy water. Shenanigans like this are why they’re both challenging companions…but I guess I like them too.

(Nobody tell them about the trips I might be doing in June and July!)



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