A Mighty Wind: Weekly Agility Report

Our normal Tuesday agility report was delayed this week due to the fact that class was cancelled! Portland got a pretty crazy wind storm that day.

Funny thing, I saw the National Weather Service issued a wind advisory beginning the prior evening. We did have some wind but the next morning I looked out the window and chuckled to myself about the stillness outside, declaring the wind advisory a complete fizzle.

It wasn’t until later in the morning, when Rain and I were at the park, when I realized things were just getting warmed up. First, I started cursing my decision to go without a hat. Then when we were playing fetch and it was just about time to go home a couple of serious gusts nearly sent us blowing away in the middle of the field. Rain looked sheepish.

A neighbor’s full garbage bins were waiting in the street for Friday’s pickup and two of the three fell on their side in seconds. When we were about to leave I glanced over at the opposite corner. I saw a downed tree covering the walking path we had just been walking on minutes before.

It happens that there were downed trees—big ones—messing things up all over Portland. In my part of town, a tall Douglas fir fell on a parked RV and another fell into a woman’s house. Closer to the center of town, an enormous tree fell in a fairly dense neighborhood, crushing two parked cars. There were some arterial roads completely blocked by downed trees, and at one point Portland General Electric had 160,000 customers without power.

Molly cancelled class early in the day. The wind advisory was originally supposed to be over by 3pm, but it never really petered out until about 6pm. At work that day I took video of the row of large trees outside my window doing the hula and the large fountain behind our building spraying the sidewalk due to the wind blowing the water the four jets sprayed upward. It looked a little like Willy the Waterbug.

As it turned out canceling agility class was just the start of a tough week for Rain. Over the weekend I had some activities that took me away from her quite a bit, then the same thing on the subsequent weeknights. It meant she was particularly squirrelly each morning, itching to get to the park and be a pupper as much as she could in the limited time available.

Naturally then, she was very happy to get back to class. More about that on Tuesday…

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