Jump in the Line: Weekly Agility Report

Out standing in her field.

Agility class brought warm, sunny weather to us again this week! Rain hopped right in the car and when I had to stop at a couple of places en route, she didn’t even make her usual ruckus. I was starting to wonder if she was feeling ill, but when we got to the park she more than made up for it.

If the temperature wasn’t enough to be a clear sign of spring, we saw a literal sign as we pulled up the driveway to class.

One of the property owners, a woman, loves animals. She has come out to visit and play with Rain in the recent past, but clearly it’s not just the canines she cares about. Their driveway crosses a marshy runoff area which clearly hosts a fowl nesting area!

Molly asked us to warm up our dogs with a short pinwheel set, pointing out that the dogs didn’t actually need warming up considering the temperature. Rain did really well the first time, but then she was having a hard time with the “out” jump. Soon enough she got everything again, and we sat down.

During the rest of class worked on a pretty tricky task. Last week we learned a new way of taking jumps, sending the dog around the side to jump toward you.

Molly set up a line of just three jumps, and outlined the challenge. Humans were to send the dog around to take the jump the other way while we humans were moving forward toward the next jump!

As usual, I was the problem in our team, as I didn’t understand what Molly was asking me to do that was different than what I was already doing. Eventually, we got there: in order to help Rain take the jump once my body was in front of it, my hand was to be just slightly behind the wing of the jump so her previous instincts would kick in and she’d still take the jump.

Once we finally got my part all figured out, Rain took all three jumps in succession without any problem! We came back on the other side just as well.

After Poppy and Rudy had their turns with this interesting challenge, Molly asked if everyone had a winged jump at home so they could practice. I was the sole empty-handed student. Molly had a spare set of wings that she loaned me for a couple of weeks, and now that the lawn has been freshly mowed, we’re able to impress the neighbors with our skills! I might even bring our safety cones out and think up a little course to work on this week.


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