Adventure Is Out There: Weekly Agility Report

It started the day before agility class—an email about the weather. Portland was in for some pretty warm temperatures. Molly was trying to avoid cancelling our class altogether, but didn’t want to subject the puppers to a lot of exercise during the hottest part of the afternoon. Our agility arena has large doors on either end but it gets pretty heated inside on warm days. Combined with the dirt floor that gets watered to keep dust down, humidity inside the arena on a warm day can be kind of stifling too.

Molly asked us all if we would be able to come to class earlier in the day. Rain was certainly available, but I was not. Regular RitF readers may remember that our current class time/day required some special arranging at my workplace. Instead of a hard no, I asked Molly if we could do class later in the day. She wrote back that I was the outlier of the group and I would get credit for a future class since we wouldn’t be able to make it. 😞

Whaaaaat? We’re not going to class?

It wasn’t the financial aspect that was fueling my disappointment, though. Last week Rain worked really hard at class, did really well, and ended up snoozing relatively early in the evening. She had a lot of pent-up energy before going to class that week, and going to agility helped immensely. I didn’t want her to miss class and be paying for it the next week. (To be clear, I mean I would be paying for it, in needing to deal with an extra barky, antsy Rain again all week.)

This meant I needed to take her on another adventure in lieu of class. I pondered: could I leave at our regular time for class and take her somewhere else for the afternoon? Should I get up early the next morning and take her for an adventure before the day’s warmest temperatures came into play?

As the day wore on it became clear that the afternoon option wasn’t going to happen. So we’d have to head out early the next morning, before the temperatures climbed into the forecasted upper 90s…


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